This site presents a reconstruction and analysis of a late fifteenth-century Book of Hours dismembered and scattered by Otto F. Ege in the mid-twentieth century, a manuscript whose leaves are known as FOL 48 for their use as no. 48 in Ege's "Fifty Original Leaves" portfolios. The reconstruction was undertaken by students in the Simmons School of Library and Information Science graduate course, "The Medieval Manuscript from Charlemagne to Gutenberg" (LIS 464), under the direction of Lisa Fagin Davis. The metadata and analyses were developed by:

Katherine Allen

Colleen Margaret Beck

Corinne Itzel Bernstein

Brigid Abigail Black

Hannah Maureen Callahan

Nicole Marie Carmolingo

MacKenzie Louise Davison

Tera Ellefson

Hannah Spencer Ferello

Chelsea Hester

Zoe Hill

Alden Ludlow

Mallory Elizabeth McAninch

Dana Brittany Sly

Anna Mauldin Speth

Marissa Rose Stape

Bradley Wall

Renee Alyssa Walsh

India Cherell Winslow

Clarissa Jean Yingling

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Office of the Dead, Miniature and Vespers

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Book of Hours, Hours of the Virgin at Matins (Officium Beatae Mariae, ad Matutinum). Northern France or the Netherlands, late 15th Century. Liturgical…